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Local Ironing Services

Ironing services in Nottingham

Efficient . Cost effective . Fresh

We collect, iron and deliver your laundry.

Ironing piles and piles of clothing every week can be tedious and bothersome. If you hate ironing or simply can never find the time, we are here to help. Say good-bye to ironing, forever with The Steamshop. Enjoy professionally ironed clothes at affordable rates. All the comfort and tidiness of carefully ironed clothes and linens without standing over an ironing board for hours.

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Whatever your ironing needs, The Steamshop is here to help. With over 30 years' experience, The Steamshop provides a wide range of ironing services to domestic customers across Nottingham. From shirts and skirts to duvets, sheets and curtains, if it can be ironed, our staff are always happy to help. Our trained and experienced staff will handle your ironing with the utmost care and attention to detail saving you all the hassle.

How The Steamshop works

1 – Order

You place an order with us.

2 – Collection

We collect your clothes and linen from you.

3 - Iron

We work our magic while you get on with more fun and more important things.

4 – Return

We return you beautifully pressed clothes and linen to you.

Simple Pricing

No hidden fees . No fuss . No muss

We iron a wide range of domestic clothing and linen. View our prices below.

Mixed load

Mixed Load £4 Per Kilo

Minimum charge

£12 per order

We don’t charge a separate fee for shirts.

Why choose The Steamshop?

Your local ironing service in Nottingham

Local Service

Over 30 years of experience

A complete ironing service

Free garment covers for regular customers

Collection and delivery

Order . Iron . Deliver

The Steamshop is a local and professional ironing solution that saves you time to do more of the things you love and less of the chores you dread.
For professional and reliable ironing services in Nottingham, call The Steamshop on 0115 921 2580 or 07891 324995.

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